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Saturn opposite Pluto

Let Go

Kelli Fox

You're gripping on hard to your lover, and it's causing tension. Your lover feels stifled, almost ready to escape. You feel jittery and panicky, as if letting go even a little bit will cause everything to fall apart.

Ironically, it's exactly this possessiveness that's setting off most of the problems. How can you make peace with your difficult lover? You chose yourself a partner who's passionate, intense, powerful, yet a bit unpredictable. You can't always count on your lover to be where you'd like, or be as loving as you'd prefer. Sometimes it seems like your mate's even getting off on the power a bit, as if you're playing a part in an ego trip.You're going to need to get a hold on yourself, and stop displaying all of your unflattering emotions. Learn to play it a little cool. Exhibit your self-confidence instead. Pay attention to your goals. Your mate admires someone self-sufficient, someone who achieves. This is you to a T when you don't distract yourself by dwelling on your insecurities. Don't mess this one up by demanding promises. Instead, hold on loosely and focus your attentions on yourself. Your lover will relent once the pressure's off a bit.

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