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Saturn opposite Jupiter

You've Lost Control

Kelli Fox

They say that misery loves company. But in your case it's the company you've been keeping that's been making you miserable. Who gave you the idea that you were small, weak, meek, easy to overlook?

Someone in your past gave you quite a working-over, and you still bear the psychic bruises. That's why you've handed your lover the leash and given up control. You let your lover make all the decisions. You spend all your energy going places your sweetie wants to go, ignoring your own desires. But those stifled impulses pop up anyway, in the sullen resentment that you show to your lover. It's so unattractive! But you're stuck in a cycle and can't seem to break free.The key to altering your troublesome situation lies in looking inside yourself. What is it you really want from your life? What do you want from your relationship, from your lover? Define your vague longings and give them a voice. Your lover is willing to listen, but can't guess what you need unless you're clear. That clarity will translate into more respect for you, and better feelings all around.

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