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Saturn conjunct Uranus

Unpredictable and Difficult

Kelli Fox

You can't put a lightning bolt in a box, and neither can you pin down your unpredictable lover. But it's driving you predictably crazy. Your lover misses appointments, can't be relied upon.

There are steamy nights and unexpected pleasures; but just as often you're gritting your teeth as your lover lets you down, again. Though you are usually found firmly in love's driver's seat, this time your partner has you at a disadvantage. You feel as if you're begging for every scrap of love you get, as if you're addicted to your mate's charms and you just can't get enough.So you scold your lover for transgressions, setting up a cycle where you act as a parent to a rebellious, unreliable child.You won't get the commitment you crave by squeezing harder. Instead, you must learn to tread lightly. There is much excitement and breathless joy in your pairing, but it may never be as reliable as you'd like. No matter. With calmness comes tedium, and that's never been your partner's scene. Embrace the tumult. Accept your lover's unpredictable nature. Take what you can from this lover, and do not regret what you don't have. There's plenty to enjoy; don't miss the banquet before you.

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