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Pluto square Venus

Yin-Yang Edginess

Kelli Fox

Your pairing has an edgy yin-yang aspect to it. You are the powerful aggressor, driven to do and be and control. Your mate, on the other hand, is receptive and malleable, attuned towards the sensual pleasures of life.

Your mate is always bugging you to slow down a little -- stay awhile, honey, what are you rushing off to do? You feel henpecked by the demands and withhold affection, truly a cruel blow against a partner to whom love is everything. Intensity and passion rules your relationship. You have frequent arguments -- and very pleasurable make-up sessions, followed by arguments on the exact same issues as before. It's tiring, and at times you want to get off the merry-go-round.Stop agitating. You're going nowhere and you know it. You've never found a partner who attracts you this strongly, a lover who can keep up with you on every level. So you're forced to be a bit more social, more sensual. Giving in brings a much-needed balance to your life, one that will do you good in the long run once you stop resisting.

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