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Pluto square Sun

Titanic Clash

Kelli Fox

If your pairing were a scene in a movie, it'd be the fight between King Kong and the T-Rex: a meeting of the mighty, a clash of the titans. There's a lot of friction in your relationship, most of it caused by dueling egos. Your partner wants to shine most brightly in the relationship, and hogs all the attention.

You want control; to be the one who sets the agenda. You want to be loved more than you love, you want to have your lover at a disadvantage. So you withhold affection, and play it cool, and affect that who-cares attitude once more.But can't you see that your defensiveness arises out of insecurity? The real problem is that you're head over heels in this pairing. You are vulnerable to pain, and this could be The One. Rather than putting up a huffy front, you should be exposing the tender parts of yourself. For once you have found a lover who can stand up to you, one who meets your expectations. Why not give your mate the love and attention being craved? Let yourself be seen. Give and get in equal balance. The result will be a flow of ease the likes of which you've never experienced.

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