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Pluto square Mercury

Abrasive Pair

Kelli Fox

Your mate has a habit of really ticking you off. When there's a quibble between you, you're forced to spend hours dissecting your problems, discussing everything but solving nothing. Meanwhile, your partner's habit of blurting out unflattering things without thinking is irritating -- must you always be the adult?

Forced to constantly do battle with an impulsive mate, your temperament has become harsh. Others may have commented that you seem bitter, or rude. Certainly you're abrasive toward your so-called 'sweetie,' whom you view with some contempt.While it is true that your mate will never be as controlled as you, what you don't see is that your chosen one's fluid, excitable nature tempers your sternness. With your mate you see a more joyful side to life, a lighter side. Instead of dismissing what your mate has to say, try to listen on a deeper level. There may be a message there for you, a clarion call to changing things about yourself you never thought you could. It is difficult for you to trust and relax and let go, but you have found a soft berth here -- relax into it.

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