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Pluto square Jupiter

Dueling Natures

Kelli Fox

Bow your head in shame, because you have brought your powerful partner to their knees. Your lover is expansive in nature: generous, broad-minded, relaxed. Yet your very different nature -- discerning, focused, rather punishing -- has had a bad effect on your sweetie.

Your dear one is anxious and henpecked. You are feared rather than adored. Will you be put out at this action or that? Will your mate arrive home to scorn and screams, or kisses on the neck? it's alarming being with someone who blows hot and cold, yet your lover submits because of the strange, irresistible hold you seem to have.It's neither kind nor necessary to plant your boot this firmly on your lover's brow. Why must you question every move and decision, put your stamp on everything? Allow your lover some latitude, some personal space. Your mate's expansive nature begs for it; then and only then will you be able to approach your relationship as if it's a meeting of equals rather than a stern parent confronting a wayward child.

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