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Pluto quincunx Sun

Definitely Not Boring

Kelli Fox

You've got a very passionate pairing -- and that's not always a good thing. You and your mate are constantly battling. Who's work is more important?

How should the house be kept? Which one of you should be the one to go get milk and bread? Each and every thing becomes a battleground. Of course, you know you're not really fighting about the little things. What you're doing is wrestling for control. You're both powerful egotists, and it's almost inevitable that you should clash. But that doesn't make your lives together any easier to bear.On the other hand, the friction does tend to keep things exciting. It's more fun for you to have a strong partner standing up to your towering will than finding a mate who'll just knuckle under when you bluster and rage. So make your peace with the fact that you'll be The Couple Who Argues. Or, if you're determined to see calm win out, start making changes yourself. Don't egg your partner on, don't give snotty answers to simple questions, don't demand that everything be done your way. If you can stop pushing, your lover will cease pushing back. And that easy life you want could be yours.

Pluto quincunx Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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