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Pluto quincunx Saturn

External Dissent

Kelli Fox

Do you feel as if you're being used? That your partner is hitching a ride on your powerful and important star? There is some mismatch in your pairing -- one of you may be older or much more successful in life.

Regardless of the mismatch, it's tearing the two of you apart. Others -- family members? important friends? -- may disapprove of your pairing. Adding to the chaos, you likely got together in inopportune circumstances. Was one of you cheating on someone else? Did your coming together spell the coming apart of another pairing? Those around you who are down on your partnership seem hellbent on fanning the fires of dissent between you; you receive constant negative feedback when you share problems with others.You must unchain the emotional baggage causing you to reach out to others to reassurance. If you are happy where you are, why listen to the opinions of others? Why seek advice? Instead, keep your problems to yourself. Certainly your mate would appreciate the privacy. Even better, you won't be made to see the bad side of every one of your mate's moves.

Pluto quincunx Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

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