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Pluto quincunx Mars

A Vendetta

Kelli Fox

Your relationship makes for great angry journal entries, but a lousy love poem. 'Dearest darling, you drive me insane, you annoy me more than anyone in the world, I'd like to hit you over the head with a cast-iron frying pan.' Your pairing is laced with spite and competitiveness -- it is likely you work in the same career field, or that you are competitive in some other overt, day-to-day way. Other couples might convert this competitive energy into physical sparks, but the two of you just simmer coldly, plotting to get the other.

It can't be comfortable to exist in this quiet stalemate, the two of you out on eternal vendettas!It's time for you two to lay your cards on the table. Why are you even involved with each other? There must be some history there, some sweetness you can recall and uncover and use to melt the chill between you. Talk honestly about your ambitions, your emotions. Vow to start treating each other with kindness. You can be each other's arch enemy or most loyal pal -- which will you choose?

Pluto quincunx Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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