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Pluto opposite Jupiter

Jealous and Possessive

Kelli Fox

One of you has a jealous streak, and it's starting to cause real problems between you. It's becoming a lot less fun to be together. How can it be fun when there are questions and suspicions, there's time to be accounted for, and mistrust rather than affection and ease?

Much of the problem can be laid at your feet. You seem to take an almost perverse pleasure in punishing your lover. For a past misdeed? For daring to challenge your authority? The reason is unclear, but it acts as an unconscious force on every move you make, causing you to make decisions solely to hurt your lover rather than choosing the best course of action.But it's not all bad news. The pair of you do have an intense relationship, in good ways as well as bad. Together you can accomplish much, if you view yourselves as a team rather than dueling enemies. Try pairing up on a mutual goal. Once you pool your prodigious energies, you'll find you can stay focused and work together seamlessly, rather than letting your emotions pull you apart. The result will be an easier life for both of you.

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