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Neptune quincunx Venus

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Kelli Fox

Everyone wants a lover who's tender and open, but you've gone too far. Your soft, white underbelly is exposed to the world, while you practically beg your mates to walk on you, to ignore your feelings in favor of tending to their own. It's sweetly intentioned, and you're adored for your sensitive nature, but it doesn't leave a lot of energy for your own ambitions -- and your feelings are often left unexpressed to as you rush to do everything for your sweetie.

And here's the really bad news: Your selflessness has actually caused a rift in your relationship, because you haven't let your lover know the real you.If this relationship is to survive, it must be dragged into the here-and-now. It's romantic and fun to rush around making grand gestures, but the real measure of a relationship is how it holds up under tedious daily stresses. Paying the bills together should be as important and easy as enjoying a romantic dinner; your lives must fit together seamlessly. Spend more time with your lover engaged in everyday pursuits: work, errands, chores. It's not as fun as the heady idylls, but it'll help inject some balance into your rather insubstantial pairing.

Neptune quincunx Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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