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Neptune quincunx Mercury

False Promises

Kelli Fox

'But you promised!' Those words sound familiar? Once again, you've committed yourself to a something you had no intention of following through on. Once again, a lover is looking at you with hurt puppy eyes and you have no idea what to say.

Yes, it's uncomfortable not giving someone the answer they want when they ask probing questions. But you must learn to curb your tendency to ignore your own needs and priorities just because saying 'no' to someone or something is difficult in the moment. Most of the misunderstandings between you and your lover stem from your inability to reveal uncomfortable truths.The answer? Unfortunately for you, the solution to this imbroglio is going to make you more uncomfortable before the pressure eases up. You must think carefully about what you want from this relationship. What are you looking for? Where are the two of you headed? Be honest with yourself, and then take those honest truths to your sweetie. Your desires may not be in line, but there's likely a compromise that can be reached. It won't be easy though -- get ready for some hard work and temper your tendency to hit the road.

Neptune quincunx Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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