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Neptune quincunx Jupiter

A Mismatch

Kelli Fox

Your relationship just isn't quite making it, huh? You can't get comfortable, can't move ahead smoothly, can't seem to see eye-to-eye with your lover. The main problem is that there's a disconnect between your intellect and your emotions.

You chose this lover in haste. And, though you have an intense connection, there are major gulfs between you. It could be that there's some mismatch in beliefs, or ambitions -- your partner may be focused on success and material objects while you may be more interested in spiritual pursuits. Regardless of what the disagreement is, it's caused a distance between you that at first you were able to ignore. But as time goes on things are getting worse, not better.Remaining flexible is the key to enduring these hard times. Sometimes you'll win out, sometimes your partner's way will prevail. You must be willing to sacrifice something in order to make things work, as will your mate. It's not an easy path you trod. But if there's enough here to make the work worth it, you'll both be bettered by the trials since there is a happy medium between the polar extremes you're each taking up.

Neptune quincunx Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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