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Neptune opposite Venus

Lack of Substance

Kelli Fox

You've floated off into oblivion, and it's going to take some doing if you want to get yourself back to the real world. At the beginning of your relationship, when your love was fresh and new, your sweetie showered you with affection. 'I love you -- I adore you!' was heard, and inwardly you melted 'Me, too.' Your naivet and excess of emotion, most particularly ephemeral expressions of love, caused you to create a warm envelope of feelings, devoid of any substance.

'You love me? Well, try finding me in this fog!' Struggling against the lack of substance, your lover may eventually give up, creating a distance between you, though you both cling to your damaged pairing.You're the one who will have to change if you want this to work out. You live in your head, making up your own version of reality. But this time you need to let someone else in and be vulnerable. It's cruel to pretend love and affection, and that's exactly what you're doing. Everyone's afraid of being hurt, of opening up -- and by treating your sweetie so cavalierly, you ironically cause the same pain you fear. You need to open your eyes. See the love that can be yours. Relax and embrace it in the real world, not just in your imagination.

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