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Neptune opposite Sun

A Difficult Commitment

Kelli Fox

You've always been one to avoid commitments, all the better to wiggle out of being trapped into obligations. But this time you grabbed yourself a lover who won't take vague replies and slippery evasions as an answer. You're being pressed for definitions -- what are your intentions with your mate?

Where is this relationship going? You're not sure, but the one thing you do know is that you feel uncomfortable under the scrutiny.Though your natural tendency is to run far and fast, this particular lover should not be shelved so swiftly. You've captured a rare bird: compelling and passionate, loyal and stable. This is exactly the kind of lover who can combat your tendencies towards dodging responsibility and ignoring reality. It's just that the here and now is a bit difficult. You're going to have to look clearly at your options. If you want to stay with your mate, things are going to have to change. You will be asked to give as much as you get as you hammer out a life together. Otherwise, you'll be alone again, ready to find another unsatisfying, too-short love relationship. Here's a thought -- why not compromise instead of running away yet again?

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