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Neptune opposite Saturn

Old Patterns

Kelli Fox

There's something in your past that you're still holding on to -- guilt? An obligation gone wrong? A psychic bruise from a bad situation?

Whatever it is, the baggage is weighing down your life, and your relationship. You can't see your lover's motivations and emotions clearly, and thus you can't relax. You're suspicious and hard to please; certainly not a lot of fun to be around. There may be a pattern you're continuing, and you feel a lot of guilt, or there could be something in your partnership that you're keeping secret. The words connected to your relationship are grim: wariness, deceit, fearfulness.You must look clearly at the connections between your past and your current situation. What led you to chose the lover you went after? Who in your past brought out similar emotions in you, or treated you in a similar fashion? By enacting your old patterns, you are trying to fix something that is unfixable. What's past is past. The only one who's looking in the rearview mirror is you. It's possible to move on, but only if you can let go of the negative emotions and embrace the progress being offered you.

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