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Mercury square Neptune

Offbeat Pairing

Kelli Fox

You're losing your temper with your love, and it's hardly attractive. Clearly you were taking orders from your heart and not your brain when you hooked up with your current amour, because you chose someone rather ill-suited for you on paper. While you are all power and force, drive and demand, your lover is a bit, well, wishy-washy.

You want to get up and go and make and do; your lover is happier sitting in a quiet corner dreaming the day away. You think you've made plans and formulated goals, but when you turn around to check that your lover's on the same page as you, suddenly all your control's slipped away. It confuses you, and that makes you both furious and difficult to live with. The answer lies in confronting your patterns. Haven't you been having the same conversations, the same tedious arguments, over and over again? Stop repeating yourself, and stop imagining that simply confronting your lover one more time will make things change. The time has come for creative thinking, new ways of tackling the problems between you. Try something new, because what you have been doing so far certainly isn't working.

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