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Mercury square Mars

Couple of Hotheads

Kelli Fox

You and your sweetie have a problem: You're both hotheaded. Easy to insult and quick to criticize, you fight over the silliest things, and pursue each battle to the death. Have you been turning the cold shoulder to your partner?

These problems are at the very root of your pairing. Though your connection is passionate and intense, it's also inclined to tumult, since both of you tend to view a difference of opinion as a threat to your egos. In addition, you may find yourself cursed with a curious compulsion to blurt out the most inappropriate things -- or a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. You're going to have to work at it if you want this one to be a go. You'll never meld together smoothly if you don't put some time in. Schedule regular time to sit down calmly and work on your issues. If the urge strikes to have a rager, resolve to table the issue until your next meeting instead. If you can get a little distance and gain a little perspective, you both can learn to appreciate what the other has to give.

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