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Mercury quincunx Jupiter

Three's Company

Kelli Fox

You've been feeling very lonely, haven't you? You're surrounded by people and noise, your hand held by another, yet inside, in the places that really matter, you feel utterly alone. One problem is that the people who surround you aren't those of your choosing.

Your lover has a habit of picking up strays and making new friends easily, and in theory you find it charming. How sweet that your sweetie is warm to so many. But you'd prefer not to be constantly crowded. You'd like more quiet evenings at home, more dinners spent talking over the news and working out your problems, not endless rounds of small talk with folks you don't plan to befriend.So how do you address your issues with your true love? Because address them you must; this won't work out on its own. Find a quiet, calm place to sit down and just talk. Ask for what you want. Be specific. Do you want to spend two nights together a week, or four? Don't be afraid to open the lines of communication; you are deeply cared for and your lover will work to find a way to your heart. Just be willing to accept a compromise when you are offered one.

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