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Mercury opposite Pluto

It's Addictive

Kelli Fox

At times you feel like a lab rat. Is it your imagination, or does your partner kinda enjoy pushing your buttons? Your limits are tested, your reactions gravely noted.

And when you finally fall into a towering rage, your lover turns off, cutting off the interaction as swiftly as a knife blow. It's all left you feeling confused and tender. But don't try seeking soft comfort in the arms of your lover, who'll despise you for what'll be viewed as weakness. If it's any comfort, the problems you see in your coupling aren't your imagination. Your lover really does have a rather cruel and secretive side, controlling and withholding. The thing you have to accept is that there's a huge part of you that digs the semi-abuse. You like the challenge of trying to tame your powerful lover. You like having a partner who won't let you walk all over them. And the very fact that affection is doled out in such small doses makes it so heady that you're addicted. Don't fight it. Submit. Go along, get along. This could be quite a ride if you could stop chafing under the saddle.

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