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Mercury opposite Mars

Temper Tantrums Ahead

Kelli Fox

What a pair of cranks you are! Picky, combative, aggro: If it weren't for fighting, you wouldn't talk at all. OK, OK, that's not strictly true, but there is an awful lot of friction in your pairing.

You see your lover as aggressive and too hair-trigger; your partner sees you as grandiose and yappy, like a little dog with a big bark. It's likely that when fights occur, your partner wants to just come up with an easy solution and then move on, while you want to belabor the point. All-night bitch sessions are your specialty, are they not? And getting all silent and stonefaced is your lover's, right? Neither one of you has any patience, and when you get started on one of your fighting jags, they're liable to last for days -- or weeks! But hey, on the good side, you picked yourself an equal. No wilting lily for you; you chose a lover who can keep up with you in every way. And ultimately, the challenge will be worth it. The key to calming your emotional storms is patience. If you can learn to slow down, calm down, listen to each other, and form compromises instead of issuing orders, you're in for one hell of a ride.

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