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Mars square Venus

Emotional Junk Food

Kelli Fox

At its worst, your relationship is the emotional equivalent of junk food: good for some jollies, but with very little real meat to it. It is possible that one of you is in the relationship primarily because of your physical connection, while the other wants more of an emotional connection. If this describes your pairing, watch out, because such a mismatch of desires can lead to disaster.

Jealousy is another area of trouble for the two of you, with both of you insecure that the other has a wandering eye. You may find yourself behaving in uncharacteristic ways: checking up on your partner, asking too many questions. In a weird way, the sexual heat of your relationship masks a rather cold center, and it can leave you feeling emotionally malnourished. Nonetheless, you are well-placed for growth if both of you are willing to work on the relationship. You need to shore up your confidence and learn to trust. Rather than demanding, learn to calm down and wait for what you want. You like action, but calm is what's needed here instead. Be kinder to each other and your love will grow in fertile soil.

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