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Mars square Uranus

Ups and Downs

Kelli Fox

Did you look before you leapt into your lover's arms? Or did you just follow your heart and your foolish, fierce emotions? There's a lot that draws you to your lover, including the incendiary passion you feel in each other's arms.

But you're equally repulsed by your lover's unpredictable behavior. You're unable to get the commitment you seek. Heck, you're not even sure you know who your lover really is. Sometimes you sense an unfathomable distance between you. Is it love you're feeling, or is it simply an infatuation that can't last?This is not one of those loves that's cozy and sweet, like a cat curled up by a fireplace. Rather, you've grasped on to a live wire. You are faced with a choice -- you can keep holding on, enjoying all that is electric and exciting and thrilling about your pairing. Or you can let go and relax into a quieter, easier existence. If you choose the former, you're going to have to learn to ask fewer questions, demand less, ride out changes and tumult rather than expecting or asking for security. It's an amazing ride -- if you have the stomach for the ups and downs.

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