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Mars square Pluto

Intense and Possessive

Kelli Fox

Green really doesn't suit you. You've become so jealous of your sweetie -- you demand every bit of free time, you don't approve of your lover's friends. And around the edges of your consciousness sneaks the suspicion that you aren't the only one your lover has on a string.

It's only natural that you feel this way. You picked yourself a lover with strength: powerful and intense, willful and secretive. Even if there is not something unsavory going on, your lover is apt to withhold information, affection, and reassurance. You're left dangling on a string, wondering if you're the only one madly in love. But buck up. Part of the reason you picked the lover you did is because you're turned on by the challenge. While other lovers will fall under your spell and allow themselves to be wrapped around your little finger, this lover is a much harder nut to crack. You won't be able to control this situation -- but its burning, passionate intensity is what you crave. Tone down your jealous streak. Be a little more savvy when revealing your emotions. An ability to keep your cool is what's going to keep this love relationship on track -- and you're a lot more attractive with a little mystery around you, anyway.

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