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Mars square Mars

Two Egoists Meet

Kelli Fox

You've finally met your match, a lover as brilliant and magnetic as you are. So why are you so pissed off? It seems like your lover's always trying to steal your thunder.

If you have big news, your mate finds a way to top it; if you're getting attention, your mate steps all over it. You both tend to boss each other around; there are constant arguments over how to do every little thing. You pick fights over the stupidest things, and other people may have told you that your simmering anger makes you difficult to be around.This kind of conflict dims your light. When you're constantly using your powers to block your partner, you're shifting your energies away from your own goals. That's a mistake. What to do? Be the bigger person. If you freely give your lover more attention and credit, your mate will stop agitating so fiercely. The ego flare-ups will die down and you'll feel that 'us against the world, honey' feeling again. When your dueling energies are conserved, even joined, the pair of you can accomplish great things together. It'll take energy to get the ball rolling -- but what exactly do you think it takes to keep the eternal battle between you going?

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