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Mars quincunx Sun

One Spicy Meatball

Kelli Fox

Now here's a spicy meatball. Others envy your relationship, and they should, because what you have here is something pretty hot. You are equally attuned towards the pleasures of the flesh: sensual, lusty, sexy idylls can occur in the morning, noon, or night.

Just being next to your lover is a delicious dream, and as you snuggle and drowse you're in heaven. But out of the bedroom, things aren't as rosy. Though you share many goals and interests, you just aren't as comfortable as you should be by this point in your relationship. You can't relax and let go. Your partner is reluctant to commit. Relax. Though your tendency is to move, to do, to go, your love relationship is a fruit on the vine that just needs a bit of ripening. Must you always be in such a hurry? Keep a lid on your rampaging ambition for once, and just enjoy what you've got. Be in the moment. Don't plan ahead; instead, just think about today. The friction between you will evaporate if you can start a chain reaction: Love, and bask, and laugh, and delight in what you've got instead of chafing.

Mars quincunx Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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