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Mars quincunx Pluto


Kelli Fox

It's no use fitting a square peg into a round hole, they say, but that hasn't stopped you from trying to nitpick your lover into submission. You're the sign of aggression and energy. That's usually a good thing.

But in this case your drive has gone awry. Your irresistible force has come up against an immovable object: your stern, sexy, stubborn love. You're convinced you can change your sweetie into just the person you'd like to be with. Can't you see that all your demands are getting you nowhere? Rather than comply with your directives, your lover pulls away. You view this retreat as a challenge, and push harder. And thus a cycle is set up, The more you chase, the further away your lover gets.It's time you cooled your jets a little. Back off. Give your lover a break. Your way is not THE way, and you don't know everything. Maybe if you spent a bit more time trying to understand the way your lover does things, rather than demanding everything be your way, you could channel some of that extra energy into fun and passion rather than draining it all away with anger.

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