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Mars quincunx Neptune

Deep Water

Kelli Fox

There's something odd here, something unhealthy beneath the surface. Are you or your lover dealing with issues around addictions? Is one of you being unfaithful to the other?

Are problems from the past making themselves known right now? There's something going on, but it's difficult to grasp and really figure out -- it could be that you're not looking honestly at your problems, that you're ignoring what you see and just blithely focusing on day-to-day issues. Look a little deeper. Is there something your lover has been telling you in their actions but not with words? It's difficult for you, the straight-ahead communicator, to read signs and vibes. But you're going to have to learn, and fast, because something's gone wrong between you and your sweetie.Once you figure out what the problem is, it's best to face it squarely. Bring it out into the light and it won't seem so mysterious and looming. Ask questions. Listen to the answers. It's not that your lover means to withhold information, it's just that you're so intimidating at times. Your problems aren't insurmountable, just difficult -- and figuring out what you have to work with is your first step.

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