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Mars quincunx Jupiter

Rather Dull

Kelli Fox

Who ever said self-improvement was fun? You and your sweetie are treading an awfully virtuous path. Both of you are interested in making more of yourselves -- advancing your education, moving forwards in your career.

It's a strategy that'll pay off eventually, but sometimes your relationship suffers from a lack of air. You bore each other. Conversation seems stale, and the physical side of your relationship seems still more stifling and dull. At times it seems as if you have nothing to say to each other. It's as if you've already eaten dessert and now all that's left in the meal is dry, dull meat.Shake things up a little. This shouldn't be too hard for you, given that you're the source of action and movement in this hookup. Take up a hobby together. Doing something sporty or nature-oriented is favored. Sweat together. Once you add a little life to your pairing you'll find that your relationship runs quite smoothly, since your partner tends to channel your boundless energies into healthy pursuits, while you spur your partner to realize their impossible dreams. The stars are aligned in your favor; but it's you who'll have to get the ball rolling.

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