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Mars opposite Venus

Oversensitive Meets Clumsy

Kelli Fox

You move through this relationship like a lumbering bear, rather than a graceful lover. You view your partner as oversensitive, but the truth is that there's something behind your partner's pleas for gentleness. You act too quickly, often choosing to do what's expedient rather than what's right.

You ignore the emotional component of your life, preferring to bury your emotions in actions. You slap Band-Aids on problems rather than working for a true solution. At least you're sensitive enough to see the truth. You genuinely don't mean harm; it's just that your lover seems more concerned with good living than getting ahead, and that bugs you. You may also feel jealous of the many who fall under your sexy partner's spell -- beware your jealousy, because it gives your partner a weapon to use against you. Instead, try to talk before you act, and think before you talk. Slow down a little. What's the good in driving through life so quickly you don't have time to stop along the way and enjoy yourself? There could be so much here to savor if you just let yourself.

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