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Mars opposite Uranus

A Fiery Pairing

Kelli Fox

Your lover says you're paranoid. That you're imagining things, you're irrational, crazy, overreacting. But the plain truth is that everything you fear is actually the case.

Your lover isn't as trustworthy as you'd like them to be. Clandestine flirtations, or worse, outright infidelities, are a distinct possibility. You know it in your heart, but try to deny it. The result is a war between your heart and mind that has you quite perplexed and upset. But you didn't set this one up right from the very start, did you? You got involved too quickly -- you certainly got physical without thinking first. Frequently you get in a situation where you and your lover are quibbling nonstop, both of you unwilling to compromise and cooperate. The answer lies within yourself. The lover you chose will never be one of those cozy, sit-by-the-fire-and-purr types. You will never get a calm, content connection with this one. But who wants calm when you can have fire and excitement? Embrace the tumult. Let go of your desires to control.

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