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Mars opposite Mercury

Frustration Station

Kelli Fox

You love your sweetie. That's the first disclaimer you make when discussing your many relationship problems with your friends. But ooh, you just get so irritated!

Your lover is apt to yak and yak, at inappropriate times -- you can't read a newspaper or watch a movie without being interrupted by a flood of chatter. Even more annoying, much of the babble concerns your lover's big plans and soaring dreams. It used to be cute, but no more. You're getting fed up with hearing about goals that will never be realized, dreams that will never come to fruition. Your lover is all talk and no action, and you're all about energy, movement and force. All the inactivity makes you feel stultified and angry. If you are to get along, you're going to have to take things slowly. Your partner views you as aggressive and kinda mean, and there's a reason why. Take a good hard look at yourself. Are you a partner or a parent? Exercise patience and consideration. Think of your lover's feelings before you speak and act. Don't let the annoyance you feel color your dealings, or you will spoil what could be so very good.

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