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Mars opposite Mars

Exhausting Vigor

Kelli Fox

One look at your relationship confirms the old maxim: opposites attract. There's never a dull moment with you two. You're on the go, moving, shaking, impressing others with your magnificent, sparkling energy.

Individually you are live wires; together you are a force of nature. But in many ways, you don't bring out the best in each other. You argue passionately; and even the equally passionate make-up sessions that follow don't make that stress worth it. One or both of you is always blowing hot and cold -- now you're together, now you're apart. All the tumult is confusing and stressful. The secret to turning things around is to bring a little calm to your storm. This is one relationship where you shouldn't be spending every minute together. Get involved in your own projects, maintain your own friendships. You can help each other out when needed, but you each need your own individual outlets for your prodigious energies. In addition, both of you are going to have to learn how to compromise. Turning your energies inwards will help -- you'll have less to unleash on each other.

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