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Mars conjunct Saturn

An Exercise in Frustration

Kelli Fox

Your relationship is similar to those high school matchups between the head cheerleader and the quarterback -- the couple looks great together, and everyone cheers them on, but when all is said and done they're together more out of politics than passion. So it is with you and your mate. Yours may be a hookup of practicality and convenience, creating stability for your partner and a dead weight for you.

Your partner seems to block you at every step, throwing buckets of cold water on all your hot ideas, until, frankly, you don't feel like sharing anymore. You'd do it on your own but they control the pursestrings, the schedule, and the keys to the shed. You could -- and probably do -- scream with frustration.Spending more time alone is key for you. Though it is only natural for two powerful and important people to spend time networking to stay that way, warmth will only develop if you give it time. Suggest romantic getaways. Give your tense lover a massage. Stay in bed late snuggling. No, you won't get as much done. But you'll have a lot more fun doing it.

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