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Jupiter square Venus

Opposites Attract

Kelli Fox

You can be a real pain in the butt, and we wouldn't blame your sweetie for booting you right out the door. Lucky for you, things haven't gotten that bad yet -- but you're pushing your luck. The fact of the matter is that you chose a lover who doesn't harmonize with you naturally.

They tend towards the indulgent: fine food, good wine (and plenty of it!), and abundant socializing while your more discerning, intellectual nature cries out for weightier stimulation. You crave a lover who can talk and argue and analyze as well as experience and enjoy. So, feeling stifled in your relationship, you take it out on the one person who loves you more than any other, which just isn't fair.If you can squash your desire to lecture and hector, you can make it past this rough period. Though you refuse to see it, your lover and you actually bring out the best in each other -- you're drawn out of your stolid funk, while your lover's self-indulgent tendencies are curbed in your presence, whether you realize it or not. Try to give your lover a break. Stop trying to control and change them. Ultimately, the love you want is already in your hands.

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