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Jupiter square Uranus

A Wild Ride

Kelli Fox

What was the old Chinese proverb? May you live in exciting times, or something like that? What can you tell of exciting times, what with that great, frantic, scary sweetie you've grabbed hold of?

The passion is something else, yes, oh yes, but the side-effects are brutal. You can't find your footing here, you're too well-aware of your lover's propensity for sudden upheaval. Life-changing decisions are made in an instant, and you're along for the ride, for good or for bad. It has all left you feeling pretty insecure -- and perhaps even fearful that your lover may have eyes for another. It could be that you've already had fidelity issues, and promises to do better next time don't help you when your lover's so darn unpredictable.You're in for a wild ride with this one, but it's not without its pleasures. You're never bored, always wide awake and present for whatever you're handed. Trust in one thing: Your lover's never anywhere merely for duty's sake. If you're getting plenty of attention, there's a reason why. Don't question. Don't worry. Just lay back and enjoy the goodies; this is one time it's better to feel than to think.

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