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Jupiter square Pluto

Power Struggle

Kelli Fox

Hey, jealous lover! It can't be helped that you chose such an intense and difficult mate, but do you have to reveal your insecurities so nakedly? Have a little pride -- no one likes to be begged.

Particularly not your button-pushing significant other, who enjoys your predicament just a little too much. You're over a barrel, wondering where your lover is every second you're not together. Have you been searching for clues? Emails, phone calls, notes in pants pockets? Shame on you. You've let your emotions get the better of you, and it's not a pretty picture.The problem lies in the lover you picked. Your partner is sexy and compelling, magnetic and irresistible. But there are a lot of negatives along for the ride as well. You'll never be able to harness this sweetie. You'll never be the one in complete power. So it's time to muster your inner confidence, and vow to neither control nor be controlled. Be your own person. Make your own choices.

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