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Jupiter square Jupiter

A Pompous Pair

Kelli Fox

Both of you view the other as rather pompous and arrogant. The irony? You see your lover's delusions of grandeur but don't recognize your own.

You're every bit as stuck on yourself as your lover is on him/herself. You can't see that you despise the parts of your lover that mirror you? Is it too painful to face? Or do you simply believe your way is the right way and anyone who disagrees must be a fool? It is likely that you and your lover have widely disparate views on moral issues and ethics, and that you're both somewhat foolish with money. Credit card debt may plague you, as may a certain lack of motivation. You both mean well. But instead of pushing each other to perform, you egg each on in unrealistic dreams.But underneath all the bickering, you two are well-matched. If you can muster a little tolerance (instead of demanding your lover toe your line), you could learn a lot from each other. By accepting each other, you can expand your world view and get along better with people in general. It requires flexibility, sacrifice, and patience/ But the work you put in will pay off, and darned soon, too.

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  1. Latish on March 24, 2017 at 12:51 pm

    I have tolarated every bit yet in vain anyways was awesome experience to see happened and happening in your words Kelli once again thanks

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