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Jupiter quincunx Uranus

No Controlling It

Kelli Fox

Hmm. Whatcha got there? It's a strange one, all right.

Your lover is sexy for sure; compelling and exciting and quite attractive. Whenever you introduce your friends, you always hear what a hottie you've bagged. But there's something unstable. Something restless. Your lover can't seem to settle down and just be into you; there's always a sense you get that they have a roving eye -- and it may even have landed on a friend of yours, or so you fear. You can't get comfortable. You can't relax. You feel like you have to be on guard to be in control.But there's no controlling this one. And that's the fun of it. It's kind of cool to be on your toes, to be forced into being your best self rather than relaxing into your typical self-indulgent laziness. You've found just what you wanted -- something exciting, something that brings out your competitive side. You have to chase, which quickens your blood. Go with it.

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