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Jupiter quincunx Sun

Awkward But Fixable

Kelli Fox

On paper, you and your love have so much in common -- why can't you seem to make it work? Both of you are big-hearted and loving, willing to give as well as to take. You have a mutual interest in high living; a love of the best in food and furnishings and fashion.

Your friends get along, and even your family members have pulled you aside to compliment you on your significant other. So why can't you find a comfortable place? Conversation doesn't flow easily between you. There is awkwardness. Neither one of you is sure of the other and you can't let go and trust.The answer lies in your ability to remain flexible. Yes, there's a certain way you want things to go, but if you're not able to bend your love relationship will surely shatter. Ask your lover for a wish-list and share your own; allow your whole soul to be viewed. Don't hold back. If there are things you want from your lover ask for them, and be willing to give what is asked in return. These conversations are never easy, but you must break through the obstacles between you if you two are to progress.

Jupiter quincunx Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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