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Jupiter opposite Venus

Mentor and Student

Kelli Fox

When your relationship is on track, the pair of you are an unbeatable team: frolicsome, lovey-dovey, almost sickeningly adorable. When you're on the outs, however, you're even more unbearable. You lecture endlessly; your partner pouts and complains.

And all too often you give in to your tendency to pontificate, embarrassing your lover. Remember, love affairs are supposed to be a meeting of equals, not a painful process in which you try to mold someone you find snobbishly substandard into someone you think 'worthy' of your affection.Some blunt advice? Appreciate what you've got: a glimmering social butterfly that others envy you for, a bright light in a sea of dim dullness. Try to see your lover through the eyes of others. Find the person who once attracted you so much, before everyday stressors wore down your patience and affection. There is much here to value if you can tone down your bossy streak. Your lover's intellect can't match yours, and your interests will never mesh completely. But if you can focus instead on what you share and enjoy about each other, you can keep things on a more even keel.

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