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Jupiter opposite Uranus

You're Suspicious

Kelli Fox

This one's knocked you off your pins. You're usually the confident one who breezes through life and love with admirable ease. But this time you've chosen a lover who excites you so wildly, who sets your nerve endings aflame -- but who can't be trusted even as far as you can throw them.

What's your lover so darned secretive about? Who are the people who call and leave messages? Where is your lover when you're not about? The questions tickle your brain, and, embarrassingly, spill out of your mouth. You get no reassurance, only detachment. So you want to hold on tighter and thus the cycle continues.Part of the problem could lie in the way you're pushing to have everything all nailed down and tied up. You want to know your lover's intentions. But your lover isn't even sure of those intentions. So why push? You must know by now that it's getting you nowhere. Why not ride instead on your self-assured side? Be a little more mysterious and sufficient yourself. Your lover will come hither if you can ease off on the pressure, and you can start a whole new positive cycle instead of continuing your negative one.

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  1. Latish on March 24, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    Hope it works as tried a lot this way too

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