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Jupiter opposite Sun

Drifting Dreamily

Kelli Fox

The problem with the two of you is that you're both so busy papering over your problems with sweetness and lightness that you can't see the great big chasms between you. Chances are that you hold widely varying opinions of some kind -- they could be connected with your careers, or moral philosophies. Whatever the great divide is, it's something you're refusing to face.

You keep your eyes closed, preferring to focus on the warmth between you and your lover. Day-to-day life is uncomplicated and easy since the two of you get along so well. So that's where you live, in the day-to-day, letting things drift along pleasantly without knowing exactly where you're going.That's all fine and well, but there's going to be a wake-up call sooner or later, and sooner is better than later. Talk about the differing issues between you. It may well be that you can find a compromise. But you'll never get there without some hard work. You're going to have to bend, a little or a lot, and accept something you never thought you could. Find a middle ground -- if there's a solution that leaves you and your partner both feeling bittersweet, you've probably found it.

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