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Jupiter opposite Saturn

Serious and Solid

Kelli Fox

When you first met your lover, you were very attracted to the seriousness you intuited. Here was someone who could match you on an intellectual level, someone who could go the long haul with you. And you chose well.

Indeed, your sweetie is stable and trustworthy. But it doesn't seem like you're having a lot of fun. The problem is that you're trying to mold your lover into someone who's, well, someone who's just like you. Though you always have big plans, your execution's a little lax. You'd prefer to dream the day away on the couch than actually get up and go. And it bugs you madly that your sweetie's always calling attention to this fact.But face it: Even though you don't like the kick in the tush, it still sends you in the directions you know you should be going. It just isn't as fun as you'd like. If you want to stay where you are, it's time to stop grousing and buckle down instead. Don't try to sabotage your lover's hardworking nature; instead allow their industriousness spur your own industrious side. It'll bring you nothing but good in the long run.

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