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Jupiter opposite Mercury

High Living

Kelli Fox

At your best, you're a pair of cooing lovebirds: sweet, adoring, inclined towards generosity, good times and cheer. It sounds so positive, does it not? It generally is.

Except, for the pair of you, there is no restraint. Neither of you knows how to hold back, how to stop yourself before you say too much, how to discipline yourselves. You indulge all your appetites -- for food, for passion, for drink, for fun. You encourage each other in your excesses, and inevitably the bill for all this high living comes due. And that's when the friction starts between you, as each blames the other for money problems, weight issues, problems stemming from not taking care of responsibilities.Luckily, the problem are not that tough to iron out. Seek out professional help in your problem areas. Hire someone to help you make a budget, engage a professional trainer, or otherwise find a pro who'll spur you into some kind of action. Let loose on the world. You're a force to be reckoned with -- all you have to do is ensure your energy's being channeled into positive areas. With a little more discipline on both your parts, your life will come back into balance.

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