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Jupiter opposite Mars

Fractious Fun

Kelli Fox

How does the old song go? One is the loneliest number but two can be as bad as one? Your love relationship can be a lonely place.

The two of you don't always see eye to eye. There's friction, fights, uncomfortable silences and a big space between you in bed. The problem lies in your disparate natures. Your partner is passionate, aggressive, forceful; you are more thoughtful and optimistic. You're alarmed and annoyed with what you view as your lover's pushiness and bossiness -- you may even be concerned about a certain tendency towards physical aggression. It's scary, huh? Particularly to one like you, who can see the forces at work so clearly but can't make the jump to understanding what your lover's so worked up over. You can be the soothing balm that will calm your lover's rattled soul. Stop pointing out problems and poking at weak spots. Instead, treat your lover with kindness, as you would like to be treated. Don't expect a mirror of yourself. Your lover has a unique personality and outlook; you can't just paper over your differences. Some flexibility and understanding will go far.

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