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Venus trine Uranus

Looking For Something New

Kelli Fox

Make it a point to vary your normal routine today, because you're likely to get bored very quickly with the same old humdrum daily grind. You're on your own right now, in a fun and interesting way; you're following the beat of your own drummer, and you're interested in seeing where it leads you. This could occur in small ways -- for example, you might indulge your taste for new diversions by dressing unusually, trying a new coffee drink or taking a different route to work than you usually do.

Or, bigger things might happen: Your love life could suddenly pick up, for example, as someone odd and interesting catches your eye. Don't expect anything long-term to come of your flirtations during this period; instead, just have a good time seeing where the day leads you. Someone new will open your eyes, and that's enough; you don't need a commitment. It's possible that you'll make a new friend, or even someone with potential for more; or you might just have a great time . Either way, take the experience for what it's worth. And whatever you do and whomever you do it with, make it fun, different and spontaneous.

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