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Venus trine Saturn

Good For You

Kelli Fox

It's smooth sailing in the relationship department, both professionally and personally. You're less interested in potential than you are in the way things are in reality, which is comfortable for everyone -- you won't hold others up to an unreasonable standard, and you'll accept what they tell you is their best work or effort. You're also very practical at this time about yourself and your own gifts and strengths.

You won't be too hard on yourself if you make a mistake; you'll just work quietly and efficiently to fix it. You've got a shrewd eye for business right now, and will attract associates who are serious and dependable like you. You'll treat them with respect, which will in turn demand theirs, and you'll make a smooth working team. Any projects begun now will probably progress at a steady pace toward success. You've got a good head for finances now, too; you're not into spending wildly just for fun, but you'll put down the cash if it's worth it. Don't worry about moving slowly, either on a project at work or in a relationship with someone special. Just do what feels natural, because your instincts and logic are steering you straight.

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