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Venus trine Jupiter

Spread the Wealth

Kelli Fox

Any relationships begun during this period will be favorable to you, because luck and opportunity are on your side at this time -- so take advantage! Reach out and make contact with anyone who can further your business or social aims. If you have a cause that needs furthering, now is the perfect time to hold that meeting or fundraiser, because you can get others on your side with a minimum of effort and a maximum of dedication and results.

Remember that your good will can be distributed far and wide with a generous charitable contribution, so give the most you can right now as well as asking for others' support. This is also the perfect time for some travel and a little romance, and if you could combine the two, well, that would be perfect! A little Sunday afternoon road trip to another town with your potential sweetie would be as fun and interesting as a week-long cruise with your mate. Whatever you've got time for, do it; you won't be sorry. You're in the mood to have your mind and heart opened right now, and there's no better way to make that happen than to spend time with someone who's special to you, doing something new and different.

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